Tile Flooring Cost Guide | Install & Materials (2024)

Seeking a reliable estimate for your flooring project can feel like navigating a maze. But fear not, this comprehensive tile flooring cost guide will lead you straight to an accurate price point.

We'll break down everything you need to know about tile flooring costs, from installation to materials, so you avoid any cowboy installers or poor installation decisions.

Key Summary

  • Tile flooring installation costs can range from a minor $1,500 to a whopping $45,000.
  • The most popular tile options are ceramic and porcelain due to their affordability.
  • Additional costs include subfloor preparation, removal of existing floor, and underlayment.
  • Thin-set tile installation costs range between $3 and $6 per square foot.
  • Hiring a professional ensures quality assurance and expertise, saving time and energy.
In this article we'll cover:
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    Tile Flooring Installation Cost

    The overall installation cost can range from $1,500 to $45,000, depending on the size of the area you're covering. Here’s a brief overview of the price per square foot:

    Tile Flooring Installation Cost

    Factors Affecting Tile Flooring Cost

    The cost of installing tiles can be influenced by the installation method used, the area's size, and extra features. Let’s take a closer look:

    Installation Method

    The method used to install the tiles also affects the project's cost. Traditional thin-set installation, where tiles adhere directly to the substrate with mortar, is generally more cost-effective than mortar bed or membrane installation methods.

    While thin-set installation typically costs around $3 to $6 per square foot, more complex methods can range from $6 to $12 per square foot. The complexity of the installation method will influence your total expenses.

    Room Size

    The area size you plan to tile is another crucial factor in determining costs. Larger rooms require more materials and labor, resulting in higher overall expenses. 

    On average, tile installation costs range from $3 to $15 per square foot, but this can vary depending on the size of the space.

    Square FeetInstallation Cost per Sq Ft
    500$3.00 - $10.00
    1000$3.50 - $11.00
    1500$4.00 - $12.00
    2000$4.50 - $13.00
    2500$5.00 - $14.00
    3000$5.50 - $15.00

    Room Application

    The installation cost varies for different applications on different floor areas.

    ApplicationAverage size (square feet)Average total cost
    Kitchen Floor150 - 190$1,400 – $9,300
    Living Area Floor300 – 420$2,000 – $16,000
    Bathroom Floor50 – 170$300 – $8,250

    Tile Shape

    The shape of the tile can influence the cost of installation. Here's a breakdown of common tile shapes and their associated costs:

    Tile ShapeAverage Cost Range per Square Foot
    Square$2 - $9.5
    Mosaic$10 - $30
    Hexagonal$8 - $25
    Rectangular (Subway)$3 - $14.5

    Additional Features

    Adding extra features to your tile flooring project can enhance its visual appeal and increase costs. Features like borders, inlays, or custom designs require additional materials and labor, resulting in higher expenses.

    The cost of these add-ons varies depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used. On average, additional features can add $2 to $5 per square foot to the total project cost.

    Room-Specific Carpet Flooring Costs

    Carpet installation costs can vary depending on the specific room you're renovating. Here's a breakdown of room-specific costs for carpet flooring installation:


    The bedroom is a relaxing sanctuary, and picking the right carpet can enhance its ambiance. On average, the cost of carpet installation in a standard bedroom ranges from $1,000 to $6,000.

    For larger or more luxurious primary bedrooms, expect to invest up to $7,100 for quality carpet flooring that complements your space's style.

    Living Room

    The living room is the heart of the home, where you and your family or friends gather for quality time and entertainment. Selecting the perfect carpet for your living room is very important.

    Carpet installation costs for a living room typically range from $1,250 to $7,500, depending on room size, carpet quality, and additional features like stain resistance or padding.


    Basements often present unique challenges due to moisture concerns and potential flooding risks. However, carpet flooring can provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere in basement spaces. Carpet installation in a basement ranges from $1,350 to $8,100.

    Moisture-resistant carpeting and professional subfloor preparation may increase the overall cost but can ensure durability and longevity in this below-grade environment.

    Cost ComponentDetailsCost Range per Sq Ft
    Subfloor PreparationEnsuring a sturdy foundation is essential for new tile floors. This involves tasks like leveling surfaces and adding moisture barriers.$1 - $3
    Removal of Existing FlooringBefore installing new tiles, old flooring materials like carpet or hardwood must be removed.$1 - $3
    Tile UnderlaymentUnderlayment materials like cement backer board provide stability and prevent cracks.$0.50 - $2
    Grout and SealantGrout fills gaps between tiles, while sealant protects against moisture and stains. $0.50 - $5

    The Most Popular Tile Types

    Tile flooring is a versatile and durable option that offers a wide range of materials to suit various needs. Let's look at the different types of tile flooring and how much they cost.

    Ceramic Tile Flooring

    • Affordability, durability, and versatility make ceramic tile a popular choice.
    • Available in various colors, patterns, and textures to suit any decor style.
    • Moisture resistance makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and high-moisture areas.
    • Easy to clean and maintain with regular sweeping and occasional mopping.
    • Longevity: With proper care, ceramic tile can last for decades, offering great value for homeowners.

    Porcelain Tile Flooring

    • Known for strength, durability, and low maintenance requirements.
    • Made from dense clay fired at high temperatures, offering excellent resistance to water, stains, and scratches.
    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its robust nature.
    • Wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes are available for versatile design options.
    • Easy to clean and resistant to fading, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like entryways and kitchens.

    Cost Comparison of Different Types of Tile:

    Tile TypesAverage Cost (Materials Only)Average Total Cost (Including Installation)
    Ceramic$1.00 - $10.00$3.00 - $12.00
    Porcelain$3.00 - $20.00$5.00 - $22.00
    Natural Stone$5.00 - $30.00$7.00 - $35.00
    Glass$7.00 - $40.00$9.00 - $45.00
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    Take the First Step Towards Transforming Your Space

    We’ll bring our ceramic and porcelain tile samples to you


    Glazed vs Unglazed Ceramic Tiles

    One of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make is picking the right carpet fiber type. Each fiber offers unique characteristics in terms of durability, comfort, and maintenance; ensure that choice fits your needs.

    FeatureGlazed TilesUnglazed Tiles
    AppearanceSmooth, glossy finish with a range of colors and designsNatural, rustic appearance with earthy tones
    DurabilityProtected against stains, scratches, and moistureDense material resistant to wear and tear
    Light ReflectionReflects light, brightening roomsAbsorbs light, creating a warm ambiance
    Suitable AreasBathrooms, kitchens, entrywaysHallways, mudrooms, outdoor patios
    AestheticAesthetic appeal with customizable designsTimeless charm and character
    Cost per Sq Ft$7 – $25$7 – $40
    Tile Cost Calculator

    Tile Cost Calculator

    Professional vs DIY Flooring Installation

    Choosing between DIY tile flooring and hiring a professional can be tough. While the DIY route may seem enticing for its potential cost savings, there are essential factors to consider before diving in. Let’s break down the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed choice.

    DIY Tile Installation: Cost Savings with Risks

    • Cost Savings: DIY installation can save money on labor costs.
    • Abundant Resources: Numerous online tutorials and guides are available for guidance.
    • Potential Risks: Mistakes during installation can lead to uneven tiles, grout issues, and long-term structural problems.
    • Skill and Expertise: Without proper expertise and tools, achieving a professional finish may be challenging.
    • Aesthetic and Durability: DIYers may compromise the overall aesthetic and durability of the floor without proper skill.

    Professional Tile Installation: Quality Assurance

    • Experience and Expertise: Professionals bring years of experience and expertise, ensuring quality results.
    • Intricate Handling: They can handle intricate cuts, tricky layouts, and ensure precise alignment of tiles.
    • Flawless Finish: Attention to detail can result in a flawless finish that enhances the beauty and longevity of your flooring.
    • Specialized Tools: Professionals have access to specialized tools and equipment, allowing efficient and effective work.
    • Time and Hassle Savings: Hiring professionals save time and hassle, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does it Cost to Retile a Shower Floor?

    On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $400 and $2,500 for a shower retile, including materials and labor.

    How Can I Save on Tile Flooring Installation Costs Without Compromising Quality?

    You can save on tile flooring installation costs by comparing quotes from multiple contractors, opting for simpler tile designs and installation methods, and tackling DIY-friendly tasks.


    Investing in tile flooring can add value and beauty to your home, but it's important to understand the costs involved. By considering factors like tile type, installation method, and room size, you can budget accordingly and create a stunning tiled space that you'll enjoy for years to come. 

    Ready to transform your home with tile flooring? Contact us today for a free quote.

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