A Trifecta of Trust

American Quality that Lasts a Lifetime

At Go Flooring, our assurance in the enduring beauty and quality of our installations is unmatched. When you choose our exclusive Go Lifetime Flooring Installation, you're choosing our industry-leading Go Lifetime Flooring Warranty.

Lifetime Craftsmanship Assurance Guarantee

Any installation by Go Flooring is promised to be without craftsmanship flaws, upholding the highest standard throughout the product's warranty period.

Lifetime Perpetual Integrity Guarantee

We ensure that your floor will maintain its seamless appearance, free from gaps between planks or tiles, for the full term of the product's warranty.

Lifetime Comprehensive Coverage Guarantee

In the event of accidental damage to any plank, Go Flooring commits to its replacement, safeguarding your investment for the entire warranty duration of the product.

1. Craftsmanship Assurance Guarantee
This limited warranty encompasses all potential defects from the initial installation due to labor, ensuring Go Flooring will either repair or replace your flooring at no additional charge, valid throughout the product's warranty life.

2. Perpetual Integrity Guarantee
This limited warranty ensures coverage for any spacing wider than 3 millimeters between boards after installation. Go Flooring commits to adjusting the planks back into place without any cost to you, maintaining this promise for the entire duration of the product's warranty.

3. Comprehensive Coverage Guarantee
For projects encompassing 300 square feet or larger, Go Flooring commits to providing the Owner an additional box of full-size planks during the installation process. The Owner is required to store these planks flat and ensure they are accessible for any future plank replacement needs. Should any damage occur to the planks installed by Go Flooring, we will undertake the repair or replacement of the affected plank(s) utilizing the extra planks initially provided, for the duration of the product's warranty life. In instances where the Owner does not have the extra box, Go Flooring will not be obligated to supply more materials. Should there be a need, the Customer has the option to buy extra planks at the current retail price as of the claim's date, contingent on availability. Any claims made under this Guarantee will incur a trip fee, based on Go Flooring’s current rate at the time of the claim, starting at a base of $199 per event. It is important to note that damage caused by furniture and seating with rolling casters or wheels, including wheelchairs, falls outside the scope of this guarantee. The responsibility lies with the Owner to inform Go Flooring within a 7-day window post-installation if the additional box of planks was not received.

Go Flooring provides the Go Lifetime Flooring Warranty, a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Guarantee, exclusively to residential purchasing Owners. This warranty is not extended to rental and commercial properties, which are covered solely under the Manufacturer’s Warranty. The warranty becomes effective immediately upon the complete payment of the purchase price and the successful completion of the installation. It remains in effect as long as the flooring stays in its original installation location, is not altered, and the original purchaser continues to reside in the home.

To initiate a warranty service request or to schedule an inspection, Owners should reach out to Go Flooring Customer Service at 844-356-6704 or submit a service request via email to customer@goflooring.com. Go Flooring asserts the right to inspect any products believed to not meet the warranty's standards, requiring the Owner to grant Go Flooring or its representatives' reasonable access for such inspections. In cases where the exact original product or component is unavailable, Go Flooring holds the discretion to replace it with a similar part or product of equal or greater quality. This warranty provides specific legal rights, and the Owner may also possess other rights that can vary from state to state.